If your family wishes to adopt a child from New Mexico, or if you wish to adopt your grandchild or stepchild, Bristol Family Law can walk you through the process. We can handle local adoptions, stepparent adoptions, and grandparent adoptions.

Kinship Guardianship

If a family member has left their child with you for an extended period of time, and you want to continue to care for the child, you may be able acquire guardianship over the child through New Mexico s Kinship Guardianship Act.  The Kinship Guardianship Act is meant to address situations in which a parent has left a child with another person for more than ninety (90) days without appropriate care, guidance, or supervision.  If you are appointed the legal guardian of a child, the parent s rights are temporarily suspended and transferred to you, which means you are responsible for caring for the child as if he or she were your own such as making medical and educational decisions.

Bristol Family Law will assist you throughout the Kinship Guardianship process.