Divorce is stressful.  Bristol Family Law understands that the decision to divorce is difficult, and must must be handled carefully, and with attention to detail.

We handle a full range of matters related to divorce with the commitment to secure a fair resolution for our clients.  During the divorce process many issues will arise, including many complex issues.  These issues can include child custody, child support, spousal support, division of property and debt.  After the divorce is final, post-divorce disputes may arise, such as modification of child support and custody orders, orders regarding the sale of property, or the enforcement of prior orders of the court.  We are fully prepared and will provide competent legal representation pertaining to any of these issues.

Bristol Family Law helps our clients through this difficult time.  During the dissolution process, we work to reduce conflict and help clients make the best legal choices. Our priority is to ensure our clients know exactly what to expect throughout the divorce process. Knowing what to expect can lessen the stress and provide clarity when critical decisions must be made. We explain the different process options specific to each case and provide recommendations appropriate for each case and client. We are thoughtful in protecting marital and parental rights, ensuring each matter is given appropriate consideration and attention.